Fresh quail eggs

Fresh Quail Eggs

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Pickled quail eggs

Pickled Quail Eggs

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Gourmet microgreens

Gourmet Microgreens

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Quail equipment, compost booster, feeders, etc.


Order fresh Quail eggs by phone:

Please note that Little Gems Urban Micro Farm no longer sells quail eggs.  If you need to buy quail eggs in the Gauteng area, please contact one of the following people:

Piet (Centurion) 071 581 4966

Reinette (Centurion) 079 084 2253

Ina (Pretoria) 082 778 8168

Nellmarie (Pretoria) 082 821 7424

Bryan (Johannesburg) 063 852 1145

Kamalan (Johannesburg) 065 104 5724

Quail eggs have a similar flavour to chicken eggs, but their petite size (five quail eggs are usually equal to one large chicken egg) and pretty, speckled shell have made them popular in gourmet cooking. The shells range in colour from dark brown to blue or white. Quail eggs are often hard-boiled and served with sea salt. 

Source:  BBC Good Food

Quail Egg Prosciutto Cups

Quail Egg Prosciutto Cups


Quail egg shooter

Quail egg shooter

Quails Eggs en croute

Quail egg en crout

Quail egg crostini

Quail egg crostini