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Quail equipment, compost booster, feeders, etc.


Baguette or similar (sliced thinly)
Thinly sliced Chorizo
6 Quails Eggs (plus a few spare)
Olive Oil
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
A clove of Garlic (optional)


Warm a griddle pan or the grill. Slice your baguette as thinly as you can and place in the pan or under the grill to toast.
Meanwhile in a flat based frying pan heat a little olive oil over a medium heat.
Turn the baguette slices to ensure they crisp evenly on both sides.
Carefully break the quails eggs one by one into the frying pan (I find it easiest poking them near the top with a pointy knife and carefully prising the lid of the egg off). I always get one or two dud yolks that I accidentally break hence the need for spares!)
Work clockwise around the pan, each egg will need only a minute or two. Don't let the pan get too hot as they can easily burn.
If you are a garlic fiend like me, rub the toasted baguette lightly with a clove of garlic. Top with a slice of chorizo and a fried quails egg.
Add a good grind of fresh black pepper and serve whilst still warm.